Brits get Swept up in Ugg Boot Mania

Ugg boots at footasylum

Ugg boots at footasylumUgg boots are not new to the market but it is only in the last few years that their popularity has really begun to soar and Brits are getting swept up in the Ugg boot mania that is gripping footwear fans from here to Hollywood.
There is a certain retro appeal to UGG boots which makes them impossible to ignore and ignore them the consumers haven’t. Many retailers of Ugg boots were caught off guard by just how popular this form of footwear would be amongst consumers and sold out of the product when it began flying off the shelf. Most think that Ugg boots are purely worn to keep the feet warm but in actuality they can also have a cooling effect on the feet due to the fibres found on the inside of the boots which helps to circulate the air. Ugg boots don’t even require the wearer to wear socks as they are actually designed to be worn without them and Ugg boots are fast becoming the most have footwear not only in the UK but throughout the world and it is easy to see why.
Ugg Boots – Getting a Tan this Summer
The most instantly recognisable form of the ubiquitous Ugg boots is the tan variety which really kick-started the craze for this form of footwear. There are now many other varieties of Ugg boots to complement the tan coloured offering and they’re now regularly worn in black, red, green, grey and blue incarnations. This diversity has seen Ugg’s dominance of the footwear industry become even more tangible and it will take a brave footwear designer to try and take Ugg boot’s footwear crown from them. With spring and summer now upon us in the UK, we can expect to see a range of new offerings so far as Ugg boots are concerned and celebrities and high street fashion fans will be waiting with bated breath for the new range to hit the shops.
Ugg Boots – Low Key Look, High in the Style Stakes
Most fashions aim to be somewhat understated with their clothing and this is something that Ugg boots carry off with considerable gusto. There is nothing at all ostentatious about Ugg boots and, for want of a better phrase, they ‘do exactly what they say on the tin’. Ugg boots aren’t trying to set the world alight in terms of innovation but their comfort and low key style speaks for itself; as does the legion of fans that Ugg boots have around the world.
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