Footasylum Brands

As anyone who has bought any footwear, men’s fashion or kids trainers from Footasylum before will know, there is no-one on the web who knows more about cutting edge brands. At Footasylum we pride ourselves on being one step ahead of the footwear, trainer, sportswear and street fashions. When it comes to brands we only stock the best. We demand unrivalled levels of quality, choice and style from all of the brands that make it onto our site and as such, you get an incredible range of items that is unlikely to be found anywhere else online. From industry leaders and classic sportswear brands like Adidas, Nike, and Converse to new brands that are up and coming on the street fashion scene such as Sik Silk, Original Geek and Hype.


  • Street fashion is constantly evolving and changing thanks to influences from music, sports, art and cutting edge design. Because of this, at Footasylum we are always on the look-out for the next big brands on the scene. Some of our recent additions include JuJu Jellies and King Apparel. You will find them here on our brands page. Trainer and sneaker brands are continually updating, improving and modernising their lines. If you are a hardcore trainer collector or just want the latest kicks to update your look, you can guarantee that the latest brands will drop here at Footasylum.

    Sportswear is also continually pushing the boundaries, with innovative technology and designs to improve athletes’ performance. We keep you up to date with the latest sportswear and footwear releases every season from all the leading brands, from Asics to Vans, so your game will always be on top.