A brand with humble market stall beginnings and strong London roots, Boxfresh has been an original bastion of British Streetwear since 1989. A brand that inspired an entire generation of forward thinking style enthusiasts that had an eye on the influences coming from across the Atlantic.

Embodying the unpredictable nature of London youth culture and creativity, Boxfresh is the uniform for the devoted design appreciator and street style athlete.Fabrics, fits, patterns and silhouettes illustrate the push forward aesthetically and creatively, vibrant colours lighten the mood and set the precedent for a return to form and function befitting of this iconic brand. We are London street style innovators. A credible voice for today’s youth.
  • Boxfresh Ashbrooke Trainer

    Boxfresh Ashbrooke Trainer $31.00 RRP $108.00

  • Boxfresh Swich Katashi Trainer

    Boxfresh Swich Katashi Trainer $31.00 RRP $100.00