Bellfield is an independent heritage inspired brand that trades on the legacy of great British explorers of the past, influenced by their compatriots overseas with this summer focusing on 50's American workwear and styles of the time . With the emphasis on paying close attention to detail and quality workmanship, Bellfield’s London based creative team add a sense of fun and adventure into well-produced, honest garments, that highlight the style and philosophy of the Bellfield brand.
  • Bellfield Meridian Jacket

    Bellfield Meridian Jacket £29.99 RRP £59.99

  • Bellfield Chital Melton Jacket

    Bellfield Chital Melton Jacket £19.99 RRP £84.99

  • Bellfield Comoro Chevron Knit Jumper

    Bellfield Comoro Chevron Knit Jumper £29.99 RRP £39.99