Adidas Makes Sponsorship Choices

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum

A huge brand like Adidas needs to be sure it’s getting the most from its sponsorship choices.

Adidas handles sponsorship at all levels, from the biggest sporting events, such as the Olympics, to small charity projects that need the boost of a big brand. Adidas receives hundreds of sponsorship requests from a wide range of organisations and people and simply can’t agree to partner everyone. So how does it make its sponsorship choices?

Adidas and Sponsorship

Of course, for Adidas, much of its sponsorship programme is about awareness. As a business, Adidas needs to sell products in order to make a profit. The better the brand is known and the more successful its sponsorship partners are, the more likely the company is to make sales. Sponsorship is often a straightforward decision about benefits to the company versus the costs of the sponsorship, but Adidas also partners much smaller and seemingly insignificant events. That’s because the company feels it has a responsibility to work with communities across the world, particularly to promote sport, but also to help other groups to achieve a common goal. This has possibly become more relevant as ethical practices groups target big brands and challenge them on their working practices and what they’re giving back to the communities that produce their goods.

The Global Adidas Brand

Although Adidas is a German company, its sponsorship deals give it global coverage and awareness. Second only to Nike in the sportswear market, Adidas is a huge brand and has an exceptional sponsorship budget. Currently, Adidas sponsors events, teams and organisations that include:

  • New Zealand Rugby Union
  • Andy Murray
  • Boston Marathon
  • UEFA Champions League
  • IAAF
  • NBA

Adidas is also a major sponsor for the London 2012 Olympics, after a successful sponsorship programme with the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The exposure gained from sponsorship at this level is difficult to quantify, but with major event sponsorship costs running into tens of millions of pounds, it’s safe to assume that Adidas understands the long term value of an association with a global media event like the Olympics, where it will also be separately sponsoring a number of athletes from teams around the world.

Adidas at FootAsylum

The fact that Adidas is a leading name in sporting and casual wear is not surprising given the company’s history, reputation for advanced research and move into the general clothing market. If you’re already an Adidas fan, take a look at our range of clothing, footwear and accessories. If you’d like to investigate further, go to our Adidas pages, where you’ll find all the information you need on the clothing, trainers and other Adidas products to help you to decide whether to buy.